Health Care Providers

  Welcome to “BACK” – Better Asthma Control for Kids

Families, school nurses, and healthcare providers are coming together to control asthma.

About the BACK program

We want to lighten your workload.

We will ONLY be contacting your clinic for students whose asthma is poorly controlled and who have agreed to participate in our study.

Our goal is to support care coordination between you, their family, and their school health team as we know that good asthma control includes attention to each of these.

Our program:

The Better Asthma Control for Kids (BACK) intervention is a school-based asthma program that pairs a community health worker with a school nurse in selected schools to support and provide asthma self-management and care coordination.

Care coordination for BACK includes management of unmet social needs related to social determinants of health (SDOH) – including healthcare access, transportation, food insecurity, public benefits, housing, and utilities

Learn how a clinic benefits from being part of the BACK program

  • Help from school nurses identifying kids who need assistance controlling their asthma.
  • We support your team to provide quality asthma care coordination with school nurses
  • We provide special attention to asthma self-management and care coordination recommendations in the current pediatric asthma guidelines
  • We help your patients avoid preventable asthma exacerbations

Providers can help

BACK will operate in the following regions in 2023:

  • Colorado Springs area
  • Fort Morgan/Greeley area
  • Lower Arkansas Valley area

If your practice is located in one of these regions please identify a contact for your clinic.

Having a contact at your clinic will help our community health workers communicate with your practice when they enroll a child in the BACK program.

Get the Asthma Care Plan and Medication Order

School nurses need this updated document on file for each child with asthma.

Colorado Asthma Care Plan and Medication Order for School and Child Care Settings

Use our Social Determinants of Health Screener

This easy-to-understand worksheet for patients can help practices determine if unmet patient needs are getting in the way of asthma control.