Easy ways to connect schools and health care providers

Here’s how to help this team help your child

If a child you care for has asthma or trouble breathing, always visit, call or email the school nurse to let then know that the child has asthma.

They will then ask you for more information.

It’s important to ask your health care provider to fill out a Colorado Asthma Care Plan and Medication Order. 

When you sign the completed form, you allow the school nurse and health care provider to communicate about your child’s asthma.

Each child’s school nurse will want to have a copy of this document so they can ensure each child is getting the care they need at school.

At this time you can also request a prescription for a second quick relief inhaler for use at school.

Find out if your child’s asthma is under control:

Families can learn more about helping kids with asthma: 

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