When asthma is under control,

childhood is more fun.

As part of the “Better Asthma Control for Kids” program,

families are learning more about asthma.



It can be difficult to know if a child’s asthma is causing trouble for them. Kids and grown-ups can take this quiz together and find out!

What you need to know about Asthma today

Family-friendly, up-to-date Asthma information to help you help a child. 

Common Asthma Terms

Words you may hear in a visit with a provider.

Asthma Care Plans

Learn what it is, and how it can help your child at home and away, and how to get one!

Types of Asthma Medication

Quick relief and controller medications.

How to Manage Asthma Medication

Make sure you don’t run out, and know how to store medications safely.

Videos about Inhalers

With the help of adults, children can build their skills in using inhalers, and not all inhalers are alike.

Asthma Triggers

Each child’s asthma might be set off by something different: allergens, pollution, cold air, emotions, and more.

Manage Asthma Symptoms

Exercise, school, camp, and vacations are part of childhood kids with asthma can enjoy.

Asthma Forms for School

We have all the tools to make sure each child is ready for all life has to offer.

Easy ways to connect schools and health care providers

School health teams help kids with asthma. Here’s how to help this team help you.

Saving money on Asthma medications

Help is available to save money on medication.