When Asthma Experts Team Up with Schools, Kids Thrive.

The BACK program keeps kids learning and growing.

Uncontrolled asthma can come between kids and learning

8% of school-age children have asthma or use an inhaler

38% of kids with asthma miss 10 or more days of school per year

2 days absent from school each month puts a child at risk of falling behind

We can help kids.

Our Program

  • Offers additional support to students with asthma who can benefit the most
  • Supports families on their asthma journey
    • Partners with school nurses to manage asthma and coordinate care
      • Teams up with child’s doctors and specialists

        Helping Kids Learn to
        Manage Their Asthma

        “We might think that kids would instantly learn how to manage their asthma at the doctor’s office, but the reality is it takes time to build those skills. The kids in the BACK program, I can see that positive change with them, and that’s nice.”

        – A School Nurse

        Breathe Better

        School-based Asthma programs make a difference


        Absences decrease by 22% 


        80% of students improve their inhaler technique


        Emergency room visits decrease by 28%


        How our School-Based Asthma Program has Evolved


        What is now called the “BACK,” Better Asthma Control for Kids, program began in 2006 as a community-engaged partnership between pediatric asthma experts at the University of Colorado and Colorado school nurses sharing a mission to address health disparities in asthma care.

        The child is at the center of all we do.