Common Myths about Asthma

Since asthma is common, many people have ideas about it that are actually wrong! Read through the list below to dispel any myths you might be holding onto. For a printable version, click here. (have versions linked)

You only have asthma when you have trouble breathing

FALSE! Asthma is a common breathing problem for many kids. Asthma causes swelling, or inflammation, in your lungs. The good news is that asthma can be controlled by taking medicine and following an asthma action plan. Your asthma doesn’t go away when you take medicine, but it is controlled so you can run, play, sleep and learn without it causing problems

Everyone with asthma feels the same

FALSE! Asthma can feel different for everyone. Some people may have trouble with exercise or when ey are around pets, while other people only have problems when they are sick. It is important to understand what triggers your asthma and what you can do to keep your asthma controlled

People with asthma should be allowed to exercise

TRUE! Exercise is an important part of staying healthy. When your asthma is under good control, you will be able to exercise, run and play without having to stop because your asthma is causing problems

You know your spacer is working when you hear it whistle

FALSE! When you are using your spacer correctly, you should NOT hear it whistle! The whistling sound is a signal that you are breathing in too fast and means you may not be getting all your medication

You can stop your asthma medications when you feel good

FALSE! Asthma causes welling, also called inflammation, inside your lungs. Asthma medications help to health the swelling/inflammation and keep your lungs healthy. That is great news because healthy lungs help you breathe better and feel good! It is important to take your asthma medications as instructed to keep your asthma controlled and your lungs healthy

I need to brush my teeth or rinse my mouth after using a steroid inhaler

TRUE! It is important that you brush your teeth after you use your steroid inhaler so you don’t get an infection called “thrush” in your mouth

A hypoallergenic cat or dog will not bother someone who has asthma and cat or dog allergy

FALSE! There is no true hypoallergenic cat or dog. Speak to your asthma specialist if you have cat or dog allergies. They can help you learn ways to help manage symptoms when you are around pets. Be sure to talk with your specialist before you bring a new pet into your home. Keeping your allergies controlled helps keep you asthma controlled too!

Vape and cigarette smoke are bad for your lungs and your health

TRUE! Vaping, smoking, or being around people when they vape or smoke can make your asthma worse. The Colorado Quitline is a free resource that can help people who want to quit smoking or vaping. Call 1-800-QUITNOW for more information

Some inhalers require a spacer to help get the medication into your lungs

TRUE! If you use a metered dose inhaler that looks like the picture below, it is important that you use a spacer! A spacer helps make sure the medicine gets down deep in your lungs where it can help you breathe better

My asthma is not controlled if it wake me up at night more than two times per month

TRUE! When your asthma is controlled, you should not be waking up with symptoms more than 1-2 nights each month