Documents Needed for Asthma Care at School

Below you will find the documents you need for quality, evidence-based asthma care at school:

Colorado Asthma Care Plan and Medication Order

This document is for families to take to their doctor or asthma care specialist in order to have a quick relief inhaler and spacer at school. For instructions on how to use this document, take a look at the instructions developed by the CDE: asthmacpandinformationinstructions-rns-june2010.doc (

Asthma Intake Form

This document assesses the level of severity and risk of missing school for a student with asthma. It is great to use as part of the registration process so that you know early in the school year who will be needing more hands on care related to asthma.

For more information and educational materials, visit the CDE website’s Asthma Resources page found here: